Are you someone who is bored of traditional entertainment mediums? If yes, then you should definitely try a new kind of entertainment quiz. The quiz basically is known as “the Rice Purity test” and is exclusively formulated for boys and girls 18+ of age. The test is safe and solely made for fun purposes and the individuals shall not be mocked upon based on their scores. This test is also available in French as test de pureté.

Purity Test

A simple test bearing different names. This test has a history of its own. It is normally called the innocence test, rice purity test, or purity test, but the main purpose of the test remains the same to gauge someone’s innocence or personality in domains of worldly vices. The 100-question test assesses individuals via the normal scoring system with 100 being the most innocent and 0 being the least pure. Want to know more about how it works?

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A brief history of Purity Test

The purity test was originally formed by the professors of Rice University. The sole purpose of the test was to help students make a bonding with each other on maturity or personality level. The original test did not comprise of questions as of now but the test has definitely taken a shift over the years of period. 

The Rice purity test has hit a new high as a lot of individuals regardless of age and gender turn to its online form. Each of them who takes the test seems to enjoy it and have a good laugh with friends. Nowadays it has found its new life long purpose online and is considered a popular form of having fun with friends.

Developed by the Rice University team originally, the aim is to evaluate the purity of a person. Like any other test system, the evaluation is done on a scoring system where the range varies from a zero to hundred. Where 100 being the most pure or innocent while zero being the most naughtiest or mischievous. The questions asked on the test are merely for fun purposes and include questions in which each individual has to mark a YES or NO against each question. The results got from the test do not strictly indicate any characteristics of an individual so the results should be taken as light headed.

competition between a good and a bad angel

How does The Purity Test work?

a good and a bad angel with a girl praying for better test scores

The innocence test or rice purity test bears a 100 fun questions survey. The fun part is that this test is not confined to any gender or age but the individual should be at least 18+ years old to take the test because it sometimes uses strong language.

The questions asked on the test are not confined to any one specific field of study, but rather a mix of relationships, activities, and behaviors. Some of the questions asked are too personal that one might hesitate to answer in general but since it is a test for entertainment purposes, nobody seems to mind at all and that is why you should take this test.

Is Rice Purity Test safe?

Although this test is made for fun purposes solely and should not be taken seriously. The individuals are advised to not take the results of the rice purity test to heart and not make fun of individuals who took the test.

How can you improve your test results?

  1. Stay away from criminal activities
  2. Avoid the use of drugs
  3. Respect people
  4. Educate yourself
  5. Be honest

Why should you take the Rice Purity Test?

It is a simple, innocent questionnaire with some really fun questions on the test. Although it does have some really bold and personal questions, no one would want to fall prey to FOMO.

If you are up for some good laughs, then you should definitely take the rice purity test. Furthermore, as already stated, some of the questions are quite personal and related to personal life that one feels shy to talk with anyone in real life, but this test helps to bring out the best in you.

This test can also be a game changer if you want to bond with someone as this test’s results can tell a lot about one’s personality.

So next time, if you want to plan on doing fun things with your friends, don’t miss out on the Rice Purity test for some quality fun time.